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Mental Magpie - Zine Creation

Digital Media, Publication Design
Project Overview
I decided to make a zine because it's something I've always wanted to do. The target audience is people who have mental health struggles and need uplifting reminders of goodness.
My Contributions
From beginning (flat plan ideas) to end (completion of the project), I created everything in this digital zine. For this project I worked in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, traditional art, mixed media, and photography.
Hire me
Parts of the zine laid out on white background. There's a wooden toy plain and part of a journal in the top of the photo.
Lunar Autumn Designs logo
Lunar Autumn Designs
Graphic designer, illustrationer, layout designer, artist, and creator.
Nov 2022

Sometimes the creative process is a labour of love. But that's part of what makes the end result so beautiful.

I started by choosing a colour scheme. Then I sketched out some rough flatplans, and brought them into Adobe Illustrator to refine them and make changes in vector format. Since all of the artwork, photography and ideas were by me, I had full creative control and went with something raw that had a general overarching theme of uplifting mental health.

Made from the hopes, dreams, and whimsy in raw creative form.

There's a certain vulnerability that comes with creating something so near and dear to the heart. To letting your ideas come out, and laying yourself on the table. I hoped to create something that was comforting. Something I wish someone had said to me or provided to me when I was struggling. I envisioned the blending of traditional and digital art to add depth and layers to the project. I digitized some older pencil sketches, and acrylic paintings as the next part of my creative process. After that I scanned and took photos of other pieces of art, torn up paper with writing on it. The last components I took from the real world were photos I took from my phone, and edited in Lightroom.