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Vibrance Illustrations

Personal Illustration Project.
Project Overview
Initially the concept came from wanting to create a series of BIPOC femme folks showing their strengths, while having their eyes closed as a sort of vulnerable duality that we don't usually see in popular media. The goal was to create something uplifting and striking, while growing my skills.
My Contributions
I came up with the general ideas and then using Adobe Illustrator I brought my ideas into reality. This whole project was done digitally, which is a bit different for me, as I normally sketch first..
Hire me
A mock up of a subway station, with three posters on the wall, each of the posters have Lunar Autumn Designs illustrations in them. There's a white haired, very dark skinned woman with her eyes closed. A medium brown woman with firey hair. A dark blue woman made of night sky, with blue hair. All of them have their eyes closed.
Lunar Autumn Designs black logo, in a white circle.
Lunar Autumn Designs
Conceptualization and illustration.
March 2023

An exploration in illustrative styles and colours.

I've been wanting to work on a more semi-realistic kind of style that featured femme faces and was very bright and vibrant, but was also unique and interesting. Initially I started with some simple but glitchy styled illustrations with pops of colour on a greyscale background. Feeling unsure I used a more comfy style while exploring pastels and more vibrant colours.

Colourful contrast with a pop.

While the process illustrations were helpful for me to figure out what exactly it was I didn't want to do, they also helped the process metamorphose into several different but somewhat similar illustrations that changed as my skills grew. It was definitely an exercise in growth and learning. I explored the various uses of gradients and vibrant colours and this mini-series was deeply enriching for me.