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a picture of Lunar Autumn, wearing round green glasses, with a short afro, looking up and to the left. There is a teal and purple background around the image.
Hey there!

Lunar Autumn

I'm an illustrator, web designer, and graphic designer based in the Fraser Valley, B.C.

I love my cats, gluten-free snacks, and dipping my feet in the ocean. I thrive in environments where I can either set my own schedule to meet deadlines or in environments where I am challenged by my peers to improve daily. I approach each project with the intention of making it better than the previous one.

My Career So Far

a watercolour skyfox made of stars, over a house with a field and a rocky path. There are some digital line elements added.

With three years of experience, I have worked with start-ups, established children's publications, and animal rescues. I hope to do more work with illustration in the future.

Web Design
purprple, blue and pink clouds
rolling mountains and hills with a ripple line art style in rainbow colours. There are trees with purple trunks and varying blue and green leaves.
Graphic Design

About Me

Ever the hopeful dreamer, born to create, I'm a multi-passionate creative. I'm going to try new things. This space on the internet where I do my art will change and evolve as I do. I am on a journey to find my creative voice.
  • Tools & Skills

    Things I've used and feel comfortable with.
    Digital Collage
    Kids illustration
    layout design
    digital line art
    Printing preparation
    Flat illustration
    Graphic design
    web design
    logo design
varying shades of purple and blue waves
we should chat

Want to work together?

If you like what you see and you want to work together, get in touch! Let's collaborate, make interesting content, work on a passion project, or have a chat. I'd love to hear from you!